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Tim Blue is President of Blue’s Roofing Company (Milpitas). He has served continuously on the Association’s Board of Directors since 1989. He was elected President of the Association in 2000 and served six consecutive terms in that capacity. Among Mr. Blue’s many achievements as President was establishing the Association as the multi-employer collective bargaining agent for union roofing contractors in the San Jose area. Tim Blue currently serves as a Management Representative on the Bay Area Union Roofing Contractors Workers’ Compensation Trust and as Chairman of the Northern California Roofers Labor Management Trust. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Roofing Contractors AssociationIn recognition of Mr. Blue’s contributions to the Bay Area roofing industry, he was inducted into the Association’s Hall of Fame in 2008.


Steve Henris is President of Henris Roofing Company (Petaluma). He was elected
to the Association’s Board of Directors in 1995. The following year, his fellow Board Members elected him Vice President. He served in that capacity until 2011, when he was elected President. He served as President through 2016. In addition to his duties as a Director of the Association, Mr. Henris serves as a Management Representative on the Bay Area Roofers Health and Welfare Trust.

 Craig Lau is President of Acme Roofing Company. Founded in 1923, Acme is one of  oldest and most highly regarded roofing companies in the Bay Area.  Mr. Lau has nearly  30 years of roofing industry experience. He is active in many Association activities, with  a particular emphasis on labor relations and contract negotiation. Mr. Lau is currently  serving his first term on the Board of Directors.



Rod Miller is President of Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. (San Jose). Mr. Miller has been a fixture on South Bay area Negotiating Committees for many years. He was appointed as a Trustee of the Bay Area Counties Roofing Industry Promotion Fund in 2008 and was elected to his first term on the Association’s Board of Directors in 2009.




Steve Reardon is President of Enterprise Roofing Service, Inc. (Concord). Mr. Reardon first won election to the Association’s Board of Directors in 2017. He succeeded his father, Larry, who served continuously on the Board from 1986 until 2016.  Mr. Reardon also serves on the Board of Directors of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association and the Roofing Contractors Association of California. He holds BA and MBA degrees from Saint Mary's College and is a graduate of the NRCA Future Executives Institute.





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