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The Association's Board of Directors consists of nine (9) contractor members, who represent some of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest roofing companies.


Board Members are elected by the contractor membership of ARCBAC and serve for three-year terms.  One-third of the Board is elected annually.

The Board Members, in turn, annually elect Officers who serve one-year terms. 

The following individuals are the Association's Officers and Directors for 2017:

  • Mark Bledsoe, President
  • Bill Brown, Vice President
  • Art Gardner, Vice President
  • Richard Lawson, Secretary-Treasurer 
  • Tim Blue, Director
  • Steve Henris, Director
  • Craig Lau, Director
  • Rod Miller, Director
  • Steve Reardon, Director

To view profiles of our current Officers, click here.

To view profiles of our current Directors, click here.


The Association's professional staff is seasoned and exceptionally well-qualified. Their dedication to the support of the Bay Area roofing industry helps us to provide the utmost in value to member companies.

William D. Callahan, Ph.D. has been with the Association since 1990 and has served as Executive Director since 1996.


Manuel De Santiago III has more than 20 years of experience in union construction. He joined the Association as Associate Executive Director in May 2017.

 Debra Ramsey has a wealth  of bookkeeping and office
 management experience. She
 joined the Association as  Office Manager in April 2012.


Each of the Association's staff members has an impressive resume of training and experience.  To learn more about their qualifications and accomplishments, click here.


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Incorporated in 1950, but with roots in predecessor organizations stretching back to the early years of
the 20th century, the Association is one of the oldest
construction industry trade associations in California.


The Association is the recognized multi-employer collective bargaining agent for unionized roofing contractors in Northern California.  As such, a large part of our mission is to represent member contracting firms in labor relations with their roofing worker employees.  

The Association actively advocates on behalf of member contractors. We are the voice of the unionized roofing industry in the halls of  local, regional and California state government. 

The Association also strives to be a resource for consumers, providing  authoritative, credible, unbiased information about the roofing industry.

To learn more about the history, mission and activities of the Association, click here.

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